A snow-caster elf dressed in the provocative style of Irrisen Winter Witches.


Hailing from the northern reaches of the Land of the Linnorm Kingdoms, Celawynn heard the voices of the eternal winter at a young age. Accepting the terms of the voices, she began her path as a winter witch. Instantly shunned by her fearful tribe, she headed out into the world. She quickly found that the Ulfen of the Linnorn Kingdoms don’t stop to ask questions of anyone they suspect to be an Irrisen Winter Witch. Travelling for sometime, she quickly realised her exotic appearance was often more useful than her spells to get out of situations and began adopting the provocative dress style of the Jadwiga. She has since come to Irrisen to learn more about her magical patron and to study the lore of the Jadwiga.

Has recently bought the Silk Scabbard, a festhall and gambling den to help fund her research and study.


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