Tall with silver hair and ice blue eyes, this "woman" cuts a stunning figure.


While obviously a winter wolf, Greta seems comfortable in her human form that is granted by the magic of the Howlings. Silver hair falls to her pale shoulders and clear blue eyes gleam with intelligence. Tall and athletic, she shoulders a large greataxe while a chain shirt protects her body.



A native to the Howlings and Whitethrone, Greta has never left the domain of Thronehold. While she has hunted in the nearby woods and traveled into the other city regions, Greta always returns to the Howlings so that she may return to human form. Despite still intimidating to most humans, she was chosen to be a guard as she acts more natural in the human form than most winter wolves. Her mannerisms and cleanliness also helps with the non-wolf public relations that the job entails.

In the small time that the group has seen her, she seems to hold a general dislike for her own kind and the Jadwiga at large.

Greta seem generally surprised that Morgan returned and even his revelations of why he was in the city did not raise much concern from her. It appears she sees her job and home as a cage and anything is better than sending drunken winter wolves home and allowing sus people through the wall. However, the revelation that Morgan is not of her kind threw her and in anger and embarrassment, disappeared into the woods outside of the city.


Ever pragmatic, Greta has decided to explore the strange relationship with Morgan and tracked him down as the city around her went to war. Finding him in the marketplace, she has joined the party and helped bring down Nazhena, the witch guarding the Dancing Hut.

Upon entering the hut, she has discovered that inside the powerful artefact, she can change at will into her human form. Something she is most pleased about.


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