Lady Argentea Malassene

A young Taldan noble who manages to be defiant, friendly and arrogant all in one sentence.


A young noble lady from Oppara who was travelling to Zimar to be married off. She briefly stopped in Heldren so that her men and horses could be tended too and gifted the village some fine fine from her dowry.

She returned from Zimar less than a week later in scandalous circumstances after turning down the arranged marriage. It was on this return trip that her carriage was attacked. She was then dragged off into the Border Wood.


The young noble ended up showing surprising resilience in the face of hardship. Following the party into the woods, she has put her long hours of hunting trips and fencing to use and proved that not all nobles can be painted with a broad brush.

A Letter Home

Lady Argentea Malassene

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