Of Taldan descent and easy smile, this young ranger seems to enjoy life to the fullest.



Marcus only arrived in Heldren about 10 months ago, wandering in from the road looking for work. He has spoken little of his background or origins but is eager to work hard and has quickly become well-liked throughout the village. With his natural ability with animals and nature-lore he has petitioned to join the Sentinels and is currently on his 1 year probation.

He can be usually found with his fellow Sentinel, Traiel but quite often makes his way to the small hut in the woods to visit the witch, Katarina. Otherwise he can be found in the local tavern, The Silver Stoat. Once a month, he visits the young clergyman, Morgan Dal, to hear about Desna and her ways.

While he speaks the Taldan Common language, around those of elven heritage, he seems to naturally slip into speaking fluent elvish.


The young man who was your friend, colleague or acquaintance has succumbed to grievous injuries on the other side of the Winter Portal. Prior to his death, he had been displaying strange powers and a resolve that did not match his usual manners.

Upon his death, he lamented his supposed role in Irrisen’s attacks across the world and swore bloody vengeance against Queen Elvanna. Believing that Marcus was a reincarnation of her old friend, Delithan, you have chosen not to bury him in hope that he may yet live.


A Home for the Lost



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