A battle-scarred wanderer



At almost 30, Moss is a man who has obviously been at war. Tall, thin and wiry, he has the height of his Ulfen brothers, but not the physique. Scars cover his body, cris-crossing his arms. Running down his neck and shoulder is the tattoo of a large stylised raven.

His facial features are fine. He is clean-shaven, with chin-length black hair. Slightly pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes do betray his mixed elven heritage, though the color of his eyes take after his human parentage.


While the Wild Wind blows

Moss was born in Kalsgard, the largest city in the Land of the Linnorn Kings.

He was a member of the Blackravens, an elite military unit based in Trollheim as a specialist in hand-to-hand combat. Moss enjoyed the structure and rigour of the military life-style. He took pride in putting his life on the line for others.

The Blackravens are considered the most sucessful military unit in the Lands of the Linnorn Kings. They guard the borders between Trollheim and Irrisen, and often see the most ferocious conflicts with the Witches of Irrisen and their monstrous armies.

Moss’s tour of duty included the settlement of Whiterook, on the south east borders of the Land of the Linnorn Kings. Whiterook was unique in that it was in active trading negotiations with its Irrisen neighbour Dalun. The leader of Dalun, the Baroness Nadya, was a minor noble in the Jadwiga who pushed for stability in trade despite the war. As a result, Dalun shared a long-lasting but wary peace with Whiterook that had seen little active conflict directly between the settlements.

Moss met and fell in love at Whiterook, and soon after was blessed with the birth of his only daughter. As part of a permanent garrison force in Whiterook, he had looked forward to settling down, and perhaps even leaving active service.

However, one fateful day, raiding parties from an unknown Irriseni Warlord attacked Whiterook. Fighting was fierce, as the Raiders took the defenders of Whiterook by complete surprise. Following long hours of bloody, vicious, conflict, the defenders drove the raiders back, but almost to a man those defenders perished in the effort.
Those few returned to find a settlement in ruins. Every building that could burn was embers. Anything of stone was rubble. Friends, family, wives and grandparents were dead. Even family pets and domestic animals were slaughtered where they were chained.

But the children were missing.

Moss went insane with grief.

When he recovered, he was changed. As he stumbled through those days, he could feel the weight of grief at his loss as a physical presence. His friends and family, his dear loved wife, followed him at every step. Visible at every corner, in every room, pushing on him, pulling on him. Their anguish mingled with outrage and he could feel their voices. ‘We cry, we scream, against the pain. Why did you not save us. You who did not die. We need peace from the pain’.

Moss returned to the Blackravens as a man possesed. He took to take every raiding party into Irrisen he could. Anything to get back across the border into Irrisen, to wreak venegeance and assuage his guilt at being a survivor.

Gradually Moss found information in these Raids that lead to members of one of the original Raiding parties. The release at their death was almost primal for Moss, a shuddering relief for him. His way became clear. Mindless violence was not for him. Instead, he would find focus, find those responsible for the death of Whiterook, and follow them to the ends of the earth.

But by then, the Blackraven commanders were aware of the depth of Moss’s vendetta. His destructive tendencies would not be channelled, and he became a liability. Moss was discharged from service.

Moss crossed over into Irrisen and left his life behind. He continues to follow the trails of those murderers, in an effort to bring peace to the raging sorrow that surrounds him.


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