Radosek Pavril

Of Taldan descent, this richly clothed witch looks upon all with disdain.


Like Katarina, his fellow apprentice, Radosek was stolen from his homeland by the White Witches.

Unlike most winter witches in Irrisen, Radosek Pavril claims no direct bloodline linking him to the Jadwiga descended from Baba Yaga. Instead, he was stolen from his family in Taldor at the age of 4 by a White Witch of Irrisen, and magically transported to the icy north as tribute for a service rendered to his late father— a foolish Taldan noble whose ambitions in Oppara ended in bloody disgrace despite the deal he cut with the White Witch.

Originally, the White Witch planned to sacrifice Radosek in a demonic ritual requiring the soul of an innocent, but the witch’s daughter—a teenage girl named Nazhena Vasilliovna—discovered the boy’s aptitude for magic and pleaded with her mother to spare him. As a result, Nazhena raised and trained Radosek in the ways of the winter witches. Radosek eventually came to serve as both Nazhena’s apprentice and lover, and with his assistance, Nazhena supplanted her mother and claimed the Pale Tower for herself.

However, when Nazhena took a sudden interest in the elf slave, Katarina, Radosek was cast to the side, no longer the favourite of the fickle woman. All her attention turned to training the naturally talented elf and soon, it was Katarina that was accompanying Nazhena to Whitethrone.

Seething for a for a few years, his own studies falling behind, Radosek tried everything in his power to make the elf’s life hell. He spread rumours, stole her research and taunted the her druid friend, Delithan. Eventually realising that it would require far more for the elf to fall from Nazhena’s graces, he accused Katarina of being a traitor. Annoyed at his jealous ways, Nazhena had Katarina’s room searched to silence him but unfortunately, his wild guess was accurate and intelligence from the Heralds of Summers Return was found. Katarina was sentenced for death but she escaped with the aid of the druid, Delithan. Radosek then retook his position as Nazhena’s first apprentice.

Fervently loyal to Nazhena, Radosek is well on his way to establishing a solid reputation for himself. For her part, Nazhena secretly admires Radosek’s determination and skill, and for now, Radosek’s success furthers Nazhena’s own advancement. She readily takes credit for his accomplishments while blaming her failures on her “flawed Taldan apprentice.”

Radosek Pavril

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