Ringeirr Malenkov

A middle-aged Ulfen smuggler


Ringeirr is Nadya’s late husband’s maternal uncle.

Ringeirr left Waldsby when a Winter Witch took his wife and son. He followed them to Whitethrone to try and rescue them. Tragically, he never saw them again but his many attempts gave him a sound knowledge on how to get in and around Whitethrone. Because of these skills, he was approached by the Heralds of Summer’s Return and they gave him a new direction. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping people flee the city as well smuggle in food and goods to the starving populace.

We was recently captured by a thug called Marcian as he was trying to rally the people of the fishing village to overthrow their tormentors. Freed by the Heroes of Heldren, he now prepares to lead them into the den of witches.

Ringeirr Malenkov

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