Rohkar Cindren

A scruffy bandit lord who dresses and acts like a King


Rohkar and his band of thieves have been a small thorn in the side of the Sentinels for some months. While he and his men tried to ply their “trade” on the route between Oppara and Zimar, they were quickly located and attacked by the rangers. Several times they have tried to regroup, heading deeper into the Border Wood and each time, they were found and their numbers diminished.

Despite the numerous attacks, the Sentinels have been unable to capture Rohkar himself, he seemed to be able to disappear into sudden fog some other means. The higher up in the Sentinels suspect he may have some arcane ability. However, their concerns have lessened as he and his men had barely been spotted lately and it is suspected he has run out men and gone to ground.


Rohker seemed have joined forces with the winter fey that had appeared within the Border Wood. With their help, he managed to split and destroy the Sentinels and claim High Sentinel Lodge.

Despite this alliance, it appeared that he also did not completely trust them and the stockpile of fire and captured fey suggests that he was looking to betray them at one point or another.

Rohker fell to the onslaught from the Heroes of Heldren, his final moments of life pleading for mercy that he never gave his victims. Upon his death, it was also discovered that he was a fervent follower and cleric of Norgorbor, the God of murder, death and dark secrets.

Rohkar Cindren

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