The Sentinels

A small cadre of rangers who patrol the Border Wood.


For many years, an organization of Taldan rangers called the High Sentinels has operated out of a fortified lodge at the top of Red Run Gorge in the Border Wood, charged with guarding the forest against Qadiran aggression, lest Taldor’s ancient enemy use the wood to hide another invasion force. Over time, however, the continued lack of hostility with Qadira dulled the sharpness of the Sentinels, and most of the unit’s decorated veterans either retired or moved on to other posts, leaving inexperienced citizens of Heldren and the nearby cities of Demgazi and Zimar to fill the rangers’ ranks. The Sentinels turned their attention to more local matters, hunting down bandits who used the forest to attack trade routes in the southern prefectures of Taldor.


Due to the actions of Rohker’s Raiders and his alliance with the invading Winter Fey, the Sentinels were split and lured into ambushes where they were slain to man. Only Traiel who was on patrol in Heldren has escaped this fate and now stands as the last remaining Sentinel.


The Sentinels

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