A lithe frame and fine features belies a strong, disciplined warrior



Traiel is a young ranger with the Sentinels just entering adulthood who stands slightly above average height at 5’11, with a slight, wiry frame (145lbs) that shows a practical strength and quick movement and grace. He has a natural self-assurance about him with tanned skin with blonde hair and grey dancing eyes that seem to take everything in. He wears attire more at home in a forest area, greens and browns, with studded leather armour, a nondescript cloak and a serviceable greatsword that he holds strapped to his back. At his belt and boots are 3 daggers.

Stat Block – creation
Diary #1 – New Position
Diary #2 – Aftermath
Diary #3 – Reflection
Diary #4 – A Legacy Given

Magic Items
Ushanka of the northlands
Blacklink Mail
Cloak of the Yeti
Ring of Protection +1
Shoes of the Shingled Canopy
Hex Nail



The Sentinel moved towards Hait, his unconscious grace almost mesmerizing to him as he flowed from step to step. Although slight of build, his sinuous, wiry body spoke of an inner strength, which combined with the hyper-vigilant readiness in his posture and the hilt of his imposing greatsword showing from behind his head left Hait with the impression of a hunter ready to leap. Hait took another swig of his ale as he pondered the subtle, self-assured confidence in how the Sentinel carried himself, noticing how at odds this confidence was with the minute reactions to those that entered The Silver Stoat to take their ease in the early evening.

The Sentinel had only been in Heldren for the past few months , operating out of the lodge in the Border Wood, working with the locals to ensure their readiness to guard against any invasion force out of Qadira. Hait chuckled to himself, doubting the need for such a guard – it had been so long since any such watching had been required, but in general, those involved with the guard had accepted this young ranger, and while they respected his fledgling abilities, it was the prowess of the youngling’s father, a respected huscarl of the Ulfen Guard, the protectors of the Grand Prince that gave the half-elf a measure of acceptance within the town.

Traiel was half-aware of his surroundings, a perpetual state for him as he pondered over the same things as Hait was currently considering, although for different reasons. He considered the proud, piercing eyes of his father who had shaken his hand as he had left to take up his post, saying only to him ‘make me proud’. Those words, so bittersweet were always on his mind. As a child growing up amongst the families of the Guard, his slight frame had set him apart, especially amongst his Ulfen peers, a very proud people, who found him wanting. He had never had that strong frame that his peers had, so had been not worthwhile challenging in their eyes, which had always put him at the lowest rung of their group.

Their jibes and pranks growing up had left him in his own company much of the time, which he had come to enjoy, spending his days in the forest around Oppala when his father was stationed at home, or travelling the countryside with his father as he journeyed throughout Taldor, and even sometimes beyond the nation on tasks for the Guard.

His father could never fully accept him either, holding him to an exacting standard, one that a child could never hope to achieve. Traiel was sure that he did it out of care for him, wanting the best, but ultimately his father only saw weakness as well. His father did see to his future though, placing him with Dramall, a tracker from the Guard, a gruff beast of a man who despite his size, was one of the best the Guard had. Traiel’s fondest memories were learning the way of the tracker and the hunt, and Gruff in his own way nurtured well the aptitude he saw.

His love of the hunt had deepened when a few years ago, when his father and he travelled to the elven lands to meet with Telaylissa, an artisan from Iadara, the capital of Kyonin. When they arrived in Greengold, the human run city and sought permission to enter the capital, she agreed to see them, but was very hesitant over allowing them to meet in Iadara. She never said as much, but Traiel noticed. They accommodated her hesitation though, and they all grew to know each other in a house that Telaylissa occupied there while the work his father had commisioned was completed. While they resided there with her, he enjoyed her teaching him the language of the fey and competing in the archery contests, picking up a new proficiency with the bow in talking with those he competed against.

His father certainly enjoyed his time with the elven artisan, and so they stayed longer than was strictly required, but over time Traiel was able to determine the subtle undertones of conversations with him that spoke of pity, and never acceptance, and convinced his father to return back.

On his return, his father presented him with a greatsword (a suitable weapon for one of Ulfen blood), and placed by his father with the Sentinels since Traiel had shown so much love of the forest, left with those telling words and set out to help guard the borders in the forest, where we find him today, and now, in the tavern within Heldren.


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