Torc of Kostchtchie

A golden collar with a skull engraving


This golden collar contains a piece of the demon lord Kostchtchie’s mortal soul, entrapped within by the witch Baba Yaga.

The tore grants its wearer immunity to cold and the ability to command frost giants at will. This ability functions as dominate monster, but affects only frost giants, who take a -10 penalty on their saves. In addition, the wearer can cast giant form II three times per day. Anyone who wears the tore for 1 week also gains the ability to summon an aspect of Kostchtchie’s dark hunger once per day. This aspect takes the form of a wendigo who faithfully serves the wearer of the tore for 1 hour. Using the tore in this way alerts Kostchtchie to the tore’s whereabouts.

In addition, anytime one of the Torc of Kostehtehie’s powers is used, there is a cumulative s% chance the wearer goes berserk (gaining all the benefits and drawbacks of the barbarian’s rage ability), attacking the nearest non-giant creature until unconscious or dead, or until no living non-giant remains within 30 feet.


Torc of Kostchtchie

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