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  • Silk of the Lost Queen

    The Lost Queen's silken armor was crafted from many layers of imported cloth and an outer layer of the finest silk, intricately woven together with gold brocade designs and covered with delicate metal studs.

  • Welcome to Hel-dren!

    Long streams of frost bellowed from the gap between Torin’s heavy beard and moustache. Issiren raids from the east drew a number of Kalsgard’s finest to defend the Linnorm borders from ice trolls and winter witches. It had been nearly a month since Torin …

  • And so it begins

    Katarina hated the screams that would come from the locked room in her master’s quarters. They would echo throughout the Pale Tower for hours. An unmoving, bloodied hooded figure was then dragged from the room back to a heavily fortified cell. Katarina …