Diaries of Morgan Dal - Heldren Part 1

I’ve been in Heldren now for several months.
This village seems like a identical, miserable, copy of every one of the villages I’ve trudged through, or been run out of, in the last few years. These poor ‘Livestock of Taldor’, the villagers, only have two options, to either spend a life in servitude, or an even shorter life fighting in one of the pointless noble wars. How does no one else see how corrupt the upper crust of Taldor is? It is a bloated cancer who’s only role is to grind down all the lives around it into thin gruel to sustain itself.

I guess I should be thankful, at least this village didn’t run me out of town on sight.

I’ve been taken in by the local priest, elder Safander. Likely he just took pity on me, but he’s asked me to assist in the infirmary with all the local accidents. Nothing difficult, just the usual assortment of cuts, bruises and gashes that occur in any farming community. I sometimes see the puffed up soldier-boys from the border patrols too. I’ve not been able to work out whether they actually do anything yet – must be wonderful to get paid to just wander around aimlessly for a living.

The local alchemist sold me a pair of smoked lens glasses a few weeks back. With these, my hooded robe and gloves i can hide my most obvious faults. Its a relief to be able to just walk down the street in daylight again. I wish this idea had occurred to me earlier.

Heldren does seem to have more than its share of outsiders though. I’ve even seen a witch walking the street in broad daylight! Strange, cold thing it looked, covered in its fetishes and symbology – but wait, i must restrain myself, less i become guilty of the exact same judgementalism that has caused me such grief from others in the past. In any case, it is unusual to see so many foreigners walking the street, with nary a word of cruelty cast.

Makes me wonder what it must be like outside of Taldor. Perhaps there are places in the world where appearing different doesn’t automatically brand you for the worse.

Diaries of Morgan Dal - Heldren Part 1

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