Diaries of Morgan Dal - Heldren Part 2

Today is an interesting turn of events.

Elder Safander has somehow convinced me to step up and oversee the games at the local Solstice festival.

I must be insane to accept. But the money is so tempting, more than I could scrape in several months. I fear the temptation of an actual room, maybe even a bath! has confused my senses.

Elder Safander, despite my best attempts to convince otherwise, continues to refer to me as a cleric. He somehow believes that the strength of my healing proves I am somehow a full cleric of power. No matter that I left the commune before finishing my training. Age has obviously dulled his senses, but I don’t begrudge the kindly old man that.

Apparently I am to work with one of the soldier-boys for the festival. It’s one of the newer recruits, a spindly half-elf, rather than the usual brain-dead brutes – an interesting choice. Hopefully he’ll keep his conversations to himself.

I pray to Desna that this is not a bad choice, that I am stepping too far into the the villages awareness. It would be too easy for chance to unmask me at this festival. I will make all preparations and take my pack, so when the worst occurs, I can flee…

Diaries of Morgan Dal - Heldren Part 2

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