Diaries of Morgan Dal - Heldren Part 3

Diaries of Morgan Dal – Heldren Pt.3

I sit here by the fire tonite, and absently turn Isker’s Dagger over and over in my hands. It is beautiful, made of cold-wrought iron, with delicate filigree etched into the blade. Sometimes the filigree looks like vine leaves curling down the length of the blade, othertimes the shadows of the flame changes it to a mysterious, flowing script, whispering to me.

The Sunwrought Festival was a disaster. Something has gone wrong in the woods. It started with creatures in the woods turning vicious, and by the days end, I ended up with a mad rescue of the elder councillors from the crypt of Heldren.

I’m still not sure how I ended up in Heldrens Crypt, but it happened. The local bandit king Rokkher pillaged the Crypt, and somehow in the process has triggered a wave of undeath to take the Crypt and its surrondings.

The blacksmith girl, Xanthippe has said this was caused by the removal of two medallions carried by Asar and Heldren, and others seem willing to blindly accept this. But that answer just reeks of a need for oblivion and simple answers.

Nothing like this has ever happened before to the area. Heldrens’ crypt isn’t some unknown black sorcerers tomb, he is the area’s founding father, and a dedicated follower of the Dawnflower. Asar may be a fallen adventurer, but neither he nor his mercenaries were drowning in the dark arts. Objects of the power and corruption needed to trigger such an effect are going to be potent and very very obvious. Noone would willingly or mistakenly bury such malignant power in the crypt of the towns Hero.

That the medallions are important to someone is obvious. Rokkher wanted those objects badly enough to brave the Crypt, but a simple bandit king is not going to be able to trigger this wave of corruption and undeath by himself.

Whatever caused that corruption was not present in the Crypt a year ago.
Whatever caused that corruption was there before Rokkhers men arrived several weeks ago. It slaughtered Rokkhers men and turned them.
But, the corruption felt through the forest WAS NOT TRIGGERED until the day of the Sunwrought festival itself. Thats an interesting discrepancy in itself.

There is another force at work here. Whether it uses the Bandit King as its puppet, or follows its own dark path, ignoring its existence is going to be sheer stupidity. This Village is still in danger.

The aftermath of Heldrens Crypt doesn’t need dissection, though I am impressed by the resilience of the town. After such an awful event I expected a dour change in the townsfolk, but they threw themselves into the second day of festivities with abandon. Perhaps its an attempt to hide from the first day, and forget that it happened. Or, since noone died (though there were injuries), perhaps it is easiest to downplay the events, and shrug it off as an interesting story.

Isker gifted the 4 of us who went into the Crypt with a dagger each. That was unexpected. Its been a long time since someone gave me something, and something of such obvious beauty and value.

I somehow ended up in one of the childrens games today, Tower of Castilo, or ‘stone the outsider’ as it should be called. Like all the old games, there’s a darker story to its origin. But the children enjoyed it. We won, and one of them, a little girl, gave me a bag of sweets and called me ‘Hero’.

So here I sit, turning this blade over and over. Its not the blade that confuses me, its why I have it.

Diaries of Morgan Dal - Heldren Part 3

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