Irrisen_Flag.jpgAlignment: NE
Capital: Whitethrone (24,900)
Ruler: Queen Elvanna, Fourteenth Daughter if Baba Yaga
Major Races: Humans, fey, frost giants, winter wolves
Major Religions: Lamashtu, Zon-Kuthon
Languages: Hallit, Skald

Nearly 1,400 years ago, the territory that became presentday Irrisen belonged to the mighty Linnorm Kings. During one particularly harsh winter, a host of blue skinned trolls and cold fey marched down from the Crown of the World, led by the ghastly crone Baba Yaga, a sorceress from the Great Beyond. The Queen of Witches quickly subjugated the region, killing any who resisted and enslaving the rest. The fighting ended just 23 days after it began, and the nation of Irrisen was born. The land has been locked in the heart of winter ever since.

This fey land has few friends in the frozen north. The Linnorm Kings are on constant guard against the raids that steal their supplies, weapons, and children. The Mammoth Lords have an uneasy truce, but recognize the slow buildup of troops on their western border as a prelude to another monstrous invasion. None can say what Baba Yaga will do when she returns to Irrisen from her latest century-long jaunt across the Great Beyond, but all fear her godlike mastery of witchcraft.

Symbols play an important role in Irrisen in warding away bad luck and the ire of Baba Yaga and her children. Cat, dog, gate, and tree motifs can be found throughout all of Irrisen adorning its peoples’ doors, lintels, tools, clothing, weapons and armor, and hearths. Cats and dogs are common pets and living symbols of good luck in nearly every settlement, and no home ever lacks a gate through which they can enter. While ravens are adored and are common familiars, crows are seen as bad luck and are hunted and killed on sight.


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