Morgan Dal Statistics

Morgan Dal

Male, 25 years old
Neutral Good
race: Tiefling (Outsider)
sub-race: Devil-blooded

Ability Score:
str: 10
dex: 14
con: 16
int: 10
wis: 18
cha: 8

+2 S.Motive/Diplomacy
Darkvision (60ft)
Resist Fire/Cold/Electricity (5)
Languages: Common, Infernal
Spell Pyrotechnics 1/day
Prehensile Tail – retrieve small items as a swift action

Adaptive Magic (campaign) – +1 K.Arcana/UMD and UMD is class skill
Enlightened Warrior (race) – can be neutral monk
Magical Knack (Magic) – +2 caster level
Attached (drawback) – terrified of losing X object. -1 to will/fear when X object is threatened

Weapon Finesse

Diplomacy +1
S. motive +1

Cleric Level 1
God: Desna (NG)
Domains: Luck, Liberation
Archetype: Devout Pilgrim

(Devout Pilgrim) – caravan bond – group prayer allows touch spells to be used at 30ft distance
(Luck) – bit of luck – standard action. roll double for all D20 in a round
(liberation) – liberation – free action. ignore movement penalties for round as per freedom of movement spell


2 x Star knife – 1d4, x3, 20ft range, piercing
Cold Iron Aspergillum – 1d6, x2, blunt
Net – ranged touch attack, 10ft range, -2att and -4dex, DC15+sp.lvl to cast when trapped, DC20 to escape
2 x Flask of oil – AC 5 to hit, splash weapon, 1d3 to affected creatures

Leather armor – +2AC

Oil of bless weapon
4 x Holy water
10 x trail rations

Manuscript of Tian monk teachings
Scrolls of Desna
Scroll box – hardness 5, 5hp, break DC 20, watertight
Grapple hook – AC 5 to hit
50ft silk rope
Whetstone – +1 dam on sharpened objects
Cleric kit:
belt pouch
Spell component pouch
iron pot
holy symbol

Morgan Dal Statistics

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