Veil of Frozen Tears

The Veil of Frozen Tears is a dungeon in northeastern Irrisen, created by Baba Yaga after the ill-fated rebellion of her daughter Queen Tashanna in the Witchwar of 4213 AR.

Following Tashanna’s defeat, Baba Yaga had the surviving soldiers of Tashanna’s army marched to northeastern Irrisen and chained to a cliff. She then had every soldier’s family rounded up and brought to witness them. Using a spell of mythic power, the Old Crone diverted a mighty river to make it crash down the escarpment and flood the valley below, killing the hundreds of soldiers and thousands of gathered civilians to show Tashanna the price of rebellion. Baba Yaga then wove another spell to freeze the cascade solid and summoned great remorhazes to bore through the frozen waterfall, creating tunnels to form a dungeon of solid ice. The remorhazes were then also imprisoned, like so many of architects in history. Tashanna and her captains were then marched into the newly-constructed Veil of Frozen Tears for imprisonment, never to be seen again.

An ancient dragon, a loyal servant to Baba Yaga was then placed in charge of guarding the dungeon but was cursed by the hag to ensure his eternal obedience. Fire was placed in his gullet, an eternal pain to the creature who will die if he ever leaves his post.

It appears that Baba Yaga is not without some honour however, a traditional northern village was built to house the bodies of the men loyal to her that died in the war. Strangely, a clock house was also installed that housed dozens of statues of the old crone that moved on an icy rail every few minutes. Inside the clock house is a room far removed from time and space, an extraplanar place where a statue of the failed queen resides, the legendary Torc of Kostchtchie around her neck. A powerful gaes places each new entrant as a guardian of this strange tomb.

However, reports have been made that it is not the final resting place of the renegade queen, that she still lives to this day, travelling the multiverse at her whim, far from the eyes of her mother who set her free for unknown reasons.

Nowadays, the Veil sits silent and still again. Its secrets revealed and treasures plundered. But yet, the ancient tomb of folly draws adventurers and thieves, all hoping that the Queen of Witches has much more hidden away there than has been found.


The Veil of Frozen Tears is a frozen waterfall roughly seven-hundred feet in height, trapped in mid-cascade on a stony escarpment. A castle, carved from the ice itself, protrudes from the ice sheet. Further up, a hollow has been carved into the ice in which a village has seemingly been built: a necropolis of tombs carved from the magical ice, sculpted to mimic a northern village in every detail. A stair at the base of the waterfall leads to the tunnels inside the icy dungeon.

Veil of Frozen Tears

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