Unlike most communities in the winterbound land of Irrisen, the village of Waldsby is not built near one of the nation’s life-giving rivers or lakes. Instead, the peasants eke out their livelihoods from the Hoarwood Forest, under whose eaves the tiny village huddles.

People of Note:

  • Nadya Petska – Importer and Guide
  • Factor Birgit Holorova – Eyes and voice of the Pale Tower
  • Village Priest Rolf Halzberg (Pharasma) – Aging clergyman and gravedigger.

Businesses of Note

  • Iziamir’s Smithy – Local smith who does both basic tools as well as repairing and sharpening of the Pale Tower’s guards weapons.
  • Verana’s Sundries – General store that is well-stocked with winter provisions thanks to Nadya’s frequent trade trips.
  • The Shorn Beard – Run by the bubbly female dwarf, Rusilka Sighjalmsdottir, this small store provides both haricuts as well as leaching and surgery.
  • The White Weasel – Run by Emil and Katrina Goltiaeva, husband and wife, this sparsely decorated tavern is not particularly welcoming. A large tall mirror sits behind the bar.

Suffering under the rule of Nazhena Vasilliovna for a century, the spirit of Waldsby has been truly broken. Before then, her mother was the ruler so the existence of this bleak, logging town has rarely seen happy times.

Instead, they value home and family, a community spirit that is distrustful of outsiders, for they bring trouble. And Pale Guards. Otherwise, they are left to their own devices.

Over the last few years, Nazhena Vasilliovna and her half-elven slave, Delithan appeared more and more often in the village. They would stay for a day or two, performing strange rites and once completed, glowing lines could be seen in the ground. The people never questioned nor wanted to know for gaining her attention was ill advised.

Almost a year ago, Pale Guards came. They were hunting for an elven snow witch who had escaped the Pale Tower. They hunted the village for they believed she had sympathizers among the folk and in their raid, discovered the mayor had ties with the rebel group, Heralds of Summer Return. He and his wife were hanged for this treachery.

For three seasons, life returned back to normal until the Pale Guards arrived again, hunting for a rider in black. They spread out over the region hunting in great numbers. The village of Waldsby again live in fear of Nazhena’s wrath if the rider is not found.


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