A tall, commanding elf bearing the mantle of the Black Rider


Hawke is a male elf who stands just past 6’. He has long, mahogany coloured hair that is worn loose over his dark cloak and clothes.

Hawke’s voice is strong and accented, a calming sound that commands attention and echoes the wisdom of years he now remembers.


Hawke is the latest incarnation of the being that has been known as: Delithan, Marcus and Raelthorn “Lost of Milani” among others.

With much more his memories now intact due to the guiding hand of Katarina as he faced his deathly harrowing, he has become innately aware of his past failures and short comings but has now gained a clarity of the bigger picture and a steely resolve to see their mission through.

One of the most important discoveries he made was that he had worn the mantle of the Black Rider before. He served Baba Yaga as Blackest Midnight before falling defending her and the mantle passing to a new champion. Asking for freedom from the old crone, she granted his wish, freedom from her service but enslaved to the court of her new daughter, the young Queen Elvanna.


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