Morgan Dal

Morgan Dal, Cleric and Monk



Before you is a thin and pale young man.
His features are sharp and angular, and you are drawn to cat-like, iridescent, green eyes that stare warily back at you.
His hands are sharply clawed, though he seems to make effort to not draw attention to them.
His clothes shift and move gently, as if part of a non-existent breeze, and what seems to be a thin, feathered tail curls down and hugs tightly to his pants.

Whatever he is, this one is not entirely Human.


Starting Statistics:
Morgan Dal Statistics

Magic Items:
Amulet of the Snow Fox
Rime Pelt
Snowshoes of Northern Pursuit
Robe of Many things
Blue-eyed Wolfs Head +1 Dagger

The Diaries of Morgan Dal:
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Morgan Dal was born in an ignorant backwater on the banks of the Jalrune river in the south of Taldor.

His Outsider blood developed at an early age and it soon became apparent to all that he was ‘different’. Life was difficult. The village looked on him as something cursed, with the locals taunts of ‘changeling, tiefling and demon-spawn’ became second nature to him. Morgan’s family treated him with kindness, though it was a wary sort of kindness. They could not understand what they had done to deserve him. With no prospects and little chance of acceptance, pressure from the community soon forced him to flee.

Morgan was taken in by a local commune to Desna, and started to study Her ways..
Surprisingly Morgan found enjoyment in those studies, and became a brilliant student.

But as time passed, he found it strangely difficult to maintain restraint during his training. Morgan felt that during these sessions that something primal was trying to escape. Practice with fellow students often resulted in an unnecessary level of ferocity and students were hurt. There was a fierce and vicious joy in combat that Morgan did not know how to control or stop.

After the last such incident, Morgan was asked to leave the commune. He wandered past Zimar to the Monastery of the Seven Forms. There, he studied under the monks of Tian for a short while in an effort to learn the discipline to control his battle lust.

Morgan has now spent the last 5 years in travel. He is no Priest, barely an acolyte for his God. People treat him as an outcast, as demon-spawned, labelled with suspicion and cruelty based on his looks, regardless of his actions.

Morgan Dal

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