Raelthorn "Lost of Milani"

A well-dressed, black haired elf who wears an expression of sorrow and cold distance.


Clad in a fine, long black coat of dragon leather, this grey-eyed elf stands tall and ready, appearing to be constantly ready to strike with his black steel, two-bladed sword. His voice is soft but carries an undercurrent of aggression and impatience.


Raelthorne is only new to this body and is still coming to terms with the memories of dozens of previous forms surging back. Every person he has met, every torture he has endured and every death that has been inflicted upon his mortal body now fresh and vivid but disturbingly out of any chronological order. Throughout this chaos though he knows one thing, waiting for the blessings of Milani or scurrying around in secret hideaways with resistance groups has not ended the rule of the White Witches. The enemies of the White Witches are careful, fearful and disorganised, just the way the Jadwiga like it. And because of that arrogance, the one once known as wise Delithan or friend to all Marcus now plans to no longer play this game of fear and confront the queen herself and cast her down upon the frozen spires of their towering palace.


Defying the direction his once allies were taking, Raelthorne took a more proactive path in ending the rule of the Jadwiga. Stealing the bodies of the White and Red Rider, he used ancient rituals to draw back some of their souls and bind them to the dragon lines of Irrisen. Wishing to end Nazhena and claim a final ingredient, the blood of a direct descendant of Baba Yaga and Queen Elvanna he attacked her in the forested marketplace.

However, the power to bind the spirits of the Riders was much more than even he realised and in the moment of when it appeared he would slay Nazhena, they broke free of their bindings and his plans fell. Gaining the initiative from the shattered elf, Nazhena began the slow torturous process of pulling the ice shard back through his heart. In his moment of agonizing pain and knowledge that he would be born again into Jadwiga slavery with no memories again, he heard a whisper in his ear and in weakness, accepted.

After Nazhena fell and the Riders strengthed their bond to the new riders, the Red Rider approached the broken form of Raelthorne and completed their agreement, one that now in a sounder mind, he tried to refuse, the price was too high. The Red Rider cared not and born of vengeance and a sadistic sense of irony, imbued the elf with the mantle of the Red Rider, to be a protector and herald of Baba Yaga.

Raelthorn is now recovering inside the chicken hut, the frustration of his decision weighing heavily on his soul. He also has part of the shard pushing through his chest, a constant, painful reminder of his enslavement to the white witches of Irrisen.

Raelthorn "Lost of Milani"

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