Saint Wyran of Light

Paladin man of pleasure!


Wyran is barely an adult at 61years. He stands at 5ft11 and weighs 231lbs. Wyran’s lean build under represents his true physical strength. His skin is lightly tanned. It is clear that this tanning has come from living in warn Andoran. After several months in the North, his pale but still vibrant complexion returns. Both Wyran’s blue eyes and ash blonde hair shimmer and glow in sunlight. To help conceal this, Wyran keeps his hair short and neat. He has been known to successfully hide his hair’s radiance with dyes.
Wyran dresses in Heavy Armour. As a denizen of Iomedae, Wyran wears the Lady of Valour’s sigil pressed into his gorget and shield. Though Wyran is confident with the longsword, he prefers to use a warhammer.


Wyran was born in the Andoran capital of Almas. Like all orphans, Wyran was fostered to one of the many temples, churches and monasteries across Andoran. During infancy he lived among the nuns known as the Daughters of Iomedae. In early childhood he was inducted into the Iomedae church as an Acolyte. Wyran was schooled in the faith as well as basic numeracy and literacy. He was a happy child. Known for his gentle nature and kind demeanour.

It was not until puberty that Wyran showed the first signs of being angel-kin. Gently as he passed through his teens, his hair and eyes began to take on a soft glow in the sunlight. This caused a great deal of controversy among the Iomedae clergy. With the added ability to alter his form and an apparent innate ability to speak celestial, it was without question that Wyran was of the Aasimar. After months of discussion and speculation, Wyran underwent trials to test his connection to the divines. It seemed that the authorities within the Church of Iomedae believed that he was an envoy of their deity. Refusing to be persuaded to the contrary, the church declared Wyran a saint and he was given the title Saint Wyran of Light.

The pressures put upon him by church and community ruled his adolescence. By early adulthood, Wyran had not grown into the paragon the faith had anticipated. He had grown strong of body and of faith, but he retained the ego of a child and the arrogance of a monarch. Most had expected their Saint to display wisdom and modesty. This was not Wyran’s way. As he saw it, he was who he was intended to be. Anyone who told him otherwise had no faith in the Lady of Valour.

Despite his boysterous outward appearance, Wyran has always possessed a strong connection to his faith. It is his devotion that drives his urge to help others. Wyran does not blindly help just anyone overcome the adversities in their life. Instead, he likes to think that many would best benefit from the hardship. At other times he acknowledges that the weak and innocent require protection, and who better to offer it than the famed Saint Wyran of Light.

Wyran spent the latter parts of his adolescent on a pilgrimage around Andoran. Righting wrongs where he could find them, in the loudest and most showboating ways possible. He quickly earned a reputation in Andoran and the surrounding settlements. But as his reputation grew, so to did his obligations. The church, and at times his faith, had become a burden. He longed for freedom, and Iomedae heard his prayers. For word of her Saint Wyran had found its way to Irrisen. Into the halls of men and women loyal Heralds of Summer’s Return. With a gentle tug upon the tapestry’s threads, Iomedae sent her champion to free the North.

This was the beginning of Wyran’s adventure. An adventure that would lead him into Taldor, through a portal, and to a tower. In this tower he would strand with strangers against the evil he as a Herald had sworn to defeat. Summer would return to Irrisen; freedom in Iomedae’s name.

A Saint and his Steed

Saint Wyran of Light

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