Solveig Ayrdahl

Tall with long, blonde braided hair, Solveig represents true Ulfen beauty.


Solveig.jpgWith a passionate evangelism for hope and freedom, Solveig Ayrdahl plays a dangerous game inside the city of Whitethrone, walking a tightrope between her calling to help and inspire an oppressed people and keeping her people safe and the crusade alive.

Solveig is a tall, fit woman with honey blonde hair and fair skin. Her bright blue eyes, easy smile, and gentle but earthy humor make her approachable, but she burns with a passion to right the wrongs she sees all around her. She does what she can to help the downtrodden of Whitethrone and waits for an opportunity to strike down the oppressors of her people.


For Solveig Ayrdahl, change has been the only constant throughout her life. As a native Ulfen child growing up in Irrisen, Solveig saw many horrors and depredations heaped upon her people, but when
she was 12 years old, a compassionate cell of the Heralds of Summer’s Return smuggled her family over the border to Losthome in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Solveig was initially overwhelmed with her newfound freedom, but with time, she absorbed much of the lost ancestral Ulfen heritage that had been scrubbed away from her people in Irrisen centuries ago. Her experiences in Irrisen had touched and changed her forever, however, and Solveig eventually realized she would always exist just outside the Ulfen culture of the Linnorm Kingdoms. When she grew, she found a trader who agreed to take her as part of his crew and sailed south to see the world and find her place in it.

In due course, Solveig found herself in Cheliax. There she tried to reconcile the experiences of her Irriseni childhood against House Thrune’s governance over the Chelish people. One night, after speaking too freely in a run-down tavern in Kintargo, she was invited to a private worship service of a small congregation dedicated to Milani. Solveig experienced an epiphany that night, and immediately converted to the Everbloom’s faith. Thus began a 4-year career to undermine the Chelish government and deepen her faith. Solveig was bold and brash in those years, and her striking Ulfen features did not lend themselves to maintaining a low profile, earning her a reputation that attracted trouble from Thrune inquisitors. Due to the heat she attracted Solveig decided to return to Irrisen for the first time in years. (Though you suspect there was another reason as well that she has not revealed)

In Irrisen, Solveig made contact with the Heralds of Summer’s Return. Using what she had learned in Cheliax, Solveig quickly established herself as a leader with invaluable skills and the divine backing of Milani. With her reckless youth behind her, Solveig traded boldness for cunning and cautiously infiltrated Whitethrone to form a congregation of Milani that would also function as a cell of the Heralds in the city.


Sensing the party may be a blessing sent to her from Milani to help end the eternal rule of the witches, Solveig opened her organisation to the heroes, aiding them as best she could.

As events started coming to a head, she worked on getting as much information for the party as possible so that they did not have to walk blind.

During this admittedly, short amount of time, she took a liking to the young ulfen who had never gotten to experience his heritage. Doing the best with her meager resources, she tried to teach him ulfen cooking, stories and drinking. After their heroic display in slaying the white dragon, Logrivich, she made the decision to sponsor Traiel in the ancient coming of age ceremony of blot. Helping him through the ceremony, she then offered herself to be the final part of the ceremony in which the young ranger would be considered a man among his peers.

It is revealed that she had a previous relationship with a young cheliaxian opera singer that they had rescued from the dragon but it was made obvious from Solveig’s side that it was over.

With the final assault on the marketplace risky, Solveig put into place contingencies for the organisation for if she was not to return. With the defeat of Nazhena and claiming of the Dancing Hut, Solveig did not think twice in joining the heroes on their next quest, their victory helping free her beloved country. She does however, have some questions over the whole “Rider” thing.

Solveig Ayrdahl

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