A young, jadwiga appearing woman with soft, grey hair with white tips.


Syvet appears as an attractive Jadwiga maiden with white grey hair and grey eyes. Her mannerisms a little skittish and her eyes are generally wide with curiosity and inquisitiveness.


Syvet was the cat familiar of the previous queen of Irrisen, Yelizaveta. When Baba Yaga collected her daughter and brought her into the Dancing Hut, Syvet ran off into the grand garden to explore. Not long after, she felt her bond to her master cut and she knew her master had met a foul end.

But Syvet was the familiar of an extremely powerful witch and her own mind was keen and beholden to secrets beyond most mortals ken. Despite the severed bond, she kept much of her own powers and spent the next few years wandering the great garden until one day, she fell foul to the Wolf-in-Sheeps-Clothing creature. Killed, she felt the brutish intellect try and take over but her mind was stronger and managed to overwhelm the aberration. She has been bound to the foul creature ever since.

Now that her bonded source has been killed which freed her spirit, a reincarnation spell was laid upon her and she has returned in a human body, something that both fascinates and scares her.


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