Torin Bloodstone

Dwarven Halberdier Berserker.


Torin had been born to the warrior caste of the Undercroft. As the eldest son of the clan Bloodstone, Torin stood as paragon of his clan’s virtues. Seven generations of Bloodstone beserkers had fought through successful military careers, and had died in the glory of battle. Stories of their heroics span every significant conflict the Undercroft had seen in its recent history. Torin the first had become known as “Torin the Orc Cleaver”. His son, Torin II, earned his reputation as “Torin the bloodier” for the slight pleasure he took in the sound of crushing skulls. His granddaughter, Torina II, beat a giant to death with her bare hands, and was known as Torina “Onix Fist” Bloodstone. Exploits such as these were common among the clan’s ancestry. In actual fact, through his lineage, this made the current Torin, “Torin VIII, young Lord of clan Bloodstone”. Respect and admiration among the Undercroft Dwarves meant little to the members of the more savage beserker clans, as did superficial titles. To say that clan Bloodstone was not savage would be to ignore the carnage they have rort. Though such savagery has served both the Undercroft and Kalsgard well.

Like his father, “the Unfellable”, Torin was short for a Dwarf. This made interactions with the Ulfen somewhat awkward. The Ulfen, who towered above an average Human, appeared hulking to him. Even at his current age of 40, Torin was no taller than 3 foot 9. Though he stood equal among the halflings and gnomes, his Dwarven personality and attitudes ensured he was never overlooked or underestimated. Remarks about his height are often met with violence. Not due to ideas of racial prejudice or offence, but rather as a lesson to the taller races that Dwarves are built for a purpose. And Torin gladly demonstrates how the stable stature of a Dwarf can prove deadly.

Torin never questioned his obligations to the warrior caste. The blinding rage he often found himself enduring beckoned him into the folds of the Vanguard. On the day of his birth, in the year of coming of age, Torin had enlisted. His weapon of choice, a halberd, seemed ideal for a Dwarf of his limit vertical influence. With this pole weapon in hand, Torin stands as a fighting force to be reckoned with.

Off the battlefield, Torin differed little from his warrior brethren. He maintained a stoic nature and love for indulging his senses. He is fearless in life as he is in combat. His greatest shortfall being his lack of genuine intelligence. Though he is quick to demonstrate his use of common sense over intellectual prowess. A trait prized by all Dwarves a like.

The Bloodstones are easily recognised due to their height and the uniqueness of their attire. As tall as they are wide, it is an error to assume that the box shape of a Bloodstone beserker is anything other than solid. With grey eyes, brown hair, and tanned flesh, the Bloodstones did not stand unique in superficial attributes. Cloth of deep reds mixed with whites and pale earthen greys signify the ferocity the clan’s warriors. The crest, a crimson gem surrounded by the Ulfen serpent backed by the white of snow, hang clearly from each Bloodstone’s cloak and doublet.

There is no doubt that Torin craves the thrill of combat. Unfettered by the moral qualms of good and evil, or right and wrong, Torin always takes to the battlefield with the same degree of intensity and lethality. Despite the honour afforded the warrior clans of Undercroft, it is his Dwarven greed drives him. Aware of his prowess in combat, Torin’s skill is easily bought, and his allegiances changed by the highest bidder. Unashamed of his mercenary ways, there is no doubt that he is a product of ancestry.

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Torin Bloodstone

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