Winter Witches

Masters of ice, hexes and battle magic, these powerful casters are the true rulers of Irrisen


While most famously known for the being the rulers of Irrisen, there is much confusion about the differences of their common names.

Winter Witch: A Winter Witch is any witch who has chosen Winter as their patron and the archetype of winter witch. Many have gone on to truly embrace their patron and at high enough level, enter the Winter Witch prestige class.

A Winter Witch may be of any race or sex and may come from any land. Obviously, they are most famous in Irrisen but it is not a requirement.

White Witch: The White Witches are the landed nobility of Irrisen—princesses, duchesses, countesses, baronesses, and the like—and therefore hold most of the power in Irrisen. They are all female Jadwiga winter witches, and the highest-ranking and most powerful among them are Jadwiga Elvanna. White Witches run Irrisen’s government; male Jadwiga, though in command of the country’s military, are not considered White Witches. Nazhena Vasilliovna is a White Witch.

Jadwiga: As much of an ethnicity as the Ulfen, Taldans, or Varisians, the Jadwiga are the human descendants of the queens of Irrisen, and therefore share a bloodline with Baba Yaga herself.

Named for Irrisen’s first queen, the Jadwiga constitute the middle and upper classes of Irrisen. The offspring of the current queen, known as the Jadwiga Elvanna, form the highest echelon of Irrisen’s aristocracy, and occupy the most powerful and influential positions in the country’s government and military.

Those Jadwiga descended from earlier queens—who may thus hail from very old families indeed—sit lower on the social ladder than the Jadwiga Elvanna, but still far above Irrisen’s Ulfen peasant population.

Not all Jadwiga are Winter/White Witches but all White Witches are Jadwiga.

Winter Witches

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