Spear of Manhunting

A well-made and wickedly sharp boar-spear

weapon (melee)

This spear with a spiraling blade has a metal crossbar approximately halfway down its length. If you ready a boar spear against a charge and your attack hits, you get a +2 shield bonus to your AC against that creature until your next turn.

Designed to catch and hold humanoid prey, a Spear of Manhunting automatically re-sizes to match the size of its wielder when grasped.

Once per day on a successful critical hit, the wielder of a Spear of Manhunting can cast Hold Person as an immediate action on the target hit by the attack (Will DC 13 negates). The hold person effect immediately ends if the spear is dropped or withdrawn, such as by making additional attacks with the weapon.


Spear of Manhunting

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