Diaries of Morgan Dal - Heldren Part 4

Diaries of Morgan Dal – Heldren Part 4

We sit in an igloo next to a tower of ice containing a portal to the realm of Irrisen after becoming the Heralds of Baba Yaga. I’m not even sure if that is the strangest part of the last two days.

A week ago I didn’t even want to be responsible for looking after those in the Sunwrought Festival. Now apparently we are to be the saviours of the world? How do you face off against a power that can defeat a DemiGod? How do you even step up to that Fate?

The mood around the camp us is strange to say the least.
Trael has discovered that he is the last Sentinel, and by the most gruesome of circumstances. 10 bodies we’ve found, and not a one was an easy death. He slaughtered Rohker (and rightly so), but you can see that it weighs on his mind. I think our Ranger is more tied to the notion of Justice and Law than he realises.

Katarina flips between emotions by the second. These past masters of hers are directly involved in this, and its obvious that she is absolutely terrified of them. She has instictively lashed out at any mention of the those from the past. Anger is a strong emotion, but we’ll see if it can win out against the terror it hides.

Our Lady of the Hidden Talents sits, in pain, but pleased with herself. Out of all of us, I think she has enjoyed these events of the last day the most. I dare say she’s discovered just how little the trapping of Nobility actually means to her. It would be smart if Heldren asked her to stay on, perhaps to start the Sentinels again.

And the Dwarf, well I think that he’s just pissed he’s not tall again.

But there is a power infusing us, ever since the Black Rider. Despite the chillbane shakes, I somehow feel stronger, faster, than ever. I can see it in the others too. Their hands sometimes shake, eyes will flash in the firelight

If i didn’t know any better, it would seem like a Geas is upon us.

In any case, we head back to Heldren at last tomorrow. One final loose end to end, and maybe we can leave again with Heldren safe for the immediate future.

Diaries of Morgan Dal - Heldren Part 4

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