Friends and Allies

Barrak Redbear

A young but powerfully built kellid from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, he was banished from his lands for bringing forth the King in Rags. While shame fills him for his misguided decision, it was not done out of malice. He now hopes to redeem his name by assisting the Riders remove the threat of Irrisen.

Barrak was raised to be a leader and is a skilled Skald, a warrior poet, and his battle horn can be heard over the field of battle, instilling fear into the heart of his enemies and bolstering the courage of his allies. He can inspire rage in his comrades and uses his magic to enhance their battle capability.

Barrak has been fairly quiet since he joined the group, a little unsure of the strange make-up of his allies. Despite this, he is generally well regarded by the other npcs.


Greta has been a sound companion despite her sometimes abrasive personality. The winter wolf / striking woman has been odds with people like Sir Wyran and Moss, but she has proven her loyalty on multiple occasions. She has been even moodier since losing Morgan to the 1st world and now pushes on with the quest, hoping that eventually, someone of power can be found who may free him from his curse.

No matter the form, Greta enters combat with little reservation, preferring to strike hard and fast and generally refusing to back down. Her attacks are not subtle and can border on savagery and even vindictiveness, but when commanded to back down, she has reigned in her bestial nature.

Greta finds the paladin hard to deal with, her very nature making it hard to understand his views. She recognises him as a skilled combatant though and gives him grudging respect for that. She doesn’t know Moss overly well and as he appeared immediately after the loss of Morgan, she has an irrational dislike of him. Greta finds her closest ally in Raelthorne and generally likes and respects Katarina and Traiel. Her and Solveig have disagreements but generally can get on okay together.


Raelthorn’s history with the party is complicated and despite a fairly hostile start, he has cooled his vengeance a little and has taken time to be more reflective and moderate in his behaviour. Now suffering under the curse of a Mantle of a Rider, he chafes at what he perceives as slavery to Baba Yaga. Slowly he is recalling his past lives and personalities and his time with Katarina seem to be helping. He has even made steps to make up for his initial behaviour, joining the riders into Artrosa.

Raelthorn is not a strong melee combatant, instead he prefers to bring devastating nature magic against his foes as well as enhancing his allies so that they may wade into combat strengthened.

Raelthorn has a strained relationship with Solveig and the two barely talk to each other, his betrayal of the Heralds of Summer an unforgivable act in her eyes. Fairly reserved in the hut, he prefers to be either alone or stay in the company of Katarina or Greta.


Solveig is a tall, fit woman with honey blonde hair and fair skin. Her bright blue eyes, easy smile, and gentle but earthy humor make her approachable, but she burns with a passion to right the wrongs she sees all around her. Solveig constantly attempts to find and rekindle the lost ulfen heritage of her people and inspire those living under the tyrannical rule of the White Witches to stand and cast away the witch’s attempts to erase their history.

Solveig is more than capable wading into combat with her shield held high and her spiked mace swinging with righteous determination. However, she is wise enough to know when her skills as a healer and support caster are more important to the group and switches her tactics as required.

Solveig has become somewhat the unofficial leader for the non-rider members of the group, her natural leadership winning her the support and respect of the other npcs. She treats everyone fairly, except Raelthorne, who she still blames for the deaths of a number of her people. While she will not make an effort to involve him, she will work with him when required for the greater good, as she knows a much greater threat exists that is more important than her personal grievance. She has grown quite close to Traiel and takes pride in being able to restore some of his lost heritage. She truly feels for Moss’ loss and understands the burning desire for revenge he has and unlike many others, does not judge him for his actions. She is thankful for Wyran in joining her fight, her gut feeling when she first ever met him in Andoran proving true, he is an honourable man who while a loyal follower of Iomedae, is not so blind to the world and is willing to do what is required. She finds a good friend in Katarina, a woman she has known for years through agents and a shared passion for getting revenge on the evil White Witches.

Ratibor the Bold

Ratibor is a towering man from the wilds of Iobaria, an ancient warlord who at one point, commanded a vast army and held control over an expansive territory that stretched along the western border of Fangard from the Ardshrod River to the Syrzemyan highlands. Coming close to being able to declare himself the True King of Iobaria, disease struck like it had done countless times before in the lands storied history. In months he lost battalions and desperate, he turned to the Witch Queen, Baba Yaga. Like many before him, he underestimated her power and after making demands, found himself the eternal guardian of her hut. This began over 200 years past.

He is gruff, a little uncouth and has a constant musky smell to him. But, he has sworn his axe to the Riders for freeing him from Baba Yaga’s curse and will honour it until their mission is completed. He has sworn that he will not try and raise another army in the lost lands, something he no longer has the stomach for after seeing his armies die from disease once before.

He is only a new recruit to the Rider’s companions but he has made his presence known for he is loud and brash. He gets on most with Greta but thinks Solveig is pretty lass who should leave the fighting for them men and warm them instead. He thought that Barrak was a bit girly with his quietness but a sparring match soon taught him respect for the Skald. Otherwise, he respects the Riders and Moss though he fears the witch and holds his misogynistic views to himself on her presence.


A young centaur maiden who belongs to the Rashalka Clans, she is a skilled ranger and guide and it at her happiest when on the hunt, whether it be frost giants or other powerful predators. After helping the Rider’s defeat the armies of Vsevlod, which included the slaying of a powerful and long feared white dragon, she was bestowed the title of Hunt Masters of her clan. Despite this grand honour, she gave it up for the opportunity to explore new lands with her new friends.

She is a friendly and inquisitive individual who has a deep love for stories and tales of other lands and heroes. She has quickly won friends within the party though her favourite is the kellid skald, Barrak, for his grand sweeping sagas and ancient poems fascinate her for hours. She thinks Greta is amazing and wants to “hunt” her one day to see how good a game of chase they could have. She finds Raelthorne mysterious and intriguing, Solveig pretty and Ratibor a bore and an idiot. She is in awe of the 4 leaders for the battle prowess and powers and loves Aroden and Algernon, she keeps trying to sneak up and pat them.

White Witch Nadya

The newest recruit and guest of the Hut, she has joined out of a lack of other options in her life. She has the regal beauty of her Jadwiga sisters but without the hard, glacial sneer that is often painted on her brethren. She was betrayed by her Queen and sisters for she had tried to take a different direction with their neighbours, one of trade and peace. She is familiar with Moss’ lost village and feels remorse for the event that took place there. For her thanks in being given a chance of freedom, she has promised the young barbarian that she will assist him track down the perpetrators of the massacre.

Nadya has been quiet so far in the hut, ancient distrust of her kind has made the other people shy away from her. Her one surprising ally and supportive ear is Greta, who knows what it like to be judged on her race and brethren and fighting against ones nature.

Tessaraea Willowbark

Tess has decided to join the Riders on their journey as their alchemist. With the current changes in Heldren, she has very little tying her to the village anymore.

Despite not being a native to Heldren, she had lived there for over 40 years, a majority of that time she spent making simple salves and remedies for the townsfolk while maintaining a quiet, shy distance. Only recent events have forced her out of her decades long mourning for her brother and take an active role in defending her home and friends. She has done what she can for them now and has rejoined her friends, Katarina and Traiel, and plans on putting her talents to protecting Golarion on a larger scale.

Tess is quietly spoken but warm and friendly to those around her. Despite the impatience many of her kind have for the shorter lived races, she seems to accept and enjoy human quirks and has managed to hold off becoming Forlorn.

Tess has already had time to meet and bond with all the NPCs due to her time hiding them in the Heldren Woods. Not one of them has a bad word to say about her, even Greta finding the elf’s presence soothing, especially when she runs her long, gentle fingers through her fur as she sleeps at her feet. In turn, Tess has found each one of them interesting and enjoyable, even the warlord who seems to be less obnoxious in her presence. While friendly to all the Riders, she has a close fondness for Katarina and Traiel as she knows that they have lost much in their protection of Heldren.


Syvet is the newest member to the growing family of the Dancing Hut. Formally the cat familiar to the previous Queen of Irrisen, she is now in a human body. She is still getting used to the change and has yet to bond with the group.

However, as a majority, the others look at her with awe and wonderment, the strange circumstances of her being fascinating them and her new form eliciting both approving nods from the males and protective motions from the females who find her adorable and trying to keep her safe from the confused men.

Friends and Allies

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