The Pale Tower

Pale_Tower.jpg The Pale Tower stands upon a flat, snow-covered plain northwest of Waldsby. In clear weather, its battlements command a 6-mile view of the surrounding terrain.

Frequent visitors to the tower normally signal the tower’s guards with ref lective mirrors to announce their approach, but all others attract the attention of a scouting raven swarm from the tower’s aerie. The birds circle such interlopers before reporting back to their keeper, Jairess Sonn, who then warns Radosek and the tower’s guards.

The tower’s entire structure is made of solid ice as strong as hewn stone, magically drawn from the ground and carved into an imposing fortress by Nazhena Vasilliovna’s mother, a powerful winter witch. The slippery ice walls are near impossible to climb. An underground aquifer and hot spring supplies fresh water to the tower.

Each floor of the Pale Tower is actually a hollowed out section inside the massive icicle that forms the tower. No stairs grant access between these floors, lest they fracture the ice beyond its ability to support the tower’s own weight. Instead, Nazhena’s mother created teleporters using ice crystal teleport to move creatures from one location to another specific location elsewhere in the tower. A teleporter can transport one creature at a time. The target is encased in ice for 1 round, during which time it is paralyzed, then fades away. At the end of the round, the target is teleported to its keyed destination, and the ice immediately melts away. Activating these teleporters requires a simple command phrase or magical key.

In addition, several large mirrors hang within the tower’s rooms and hallways, useful tools for Nazhena and Radosek to spy upon their minions or guests with the Irriseni mirror sight spell. Radosek always keeps one of these spells prepared each day to take advantage of them.

Altogether, the Pale Tower normally supports a complement of 35 guards in addition to the stronghold’s servants, but Radosek has sent most of his soldiers to scour the countryside in search of the Black Rider.

When Nazhena’s mother first constructed the Pale Tower, she defeated a powerful white dragon named Auburphex who had claimed the area. The courtyard’s ice sculpture commemorates their battle. When Nazhena took over the tower, she left the sculpture in place for its intimidation value, both for those visiting her home, and for anyone foolish enough to assault the stronghold. The icicles hanging over the doors, while menacing, pose no threat to creatures passing through the doors.

The Pale Tower

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